Each One Reach One. Each One Teach One. Until We are All Taught


The Covid-19 Corona Virus has accelerated the move from the 3rd Industrial Revolution to the 4th. Small companies have an important role in absorrbing the pressures that will be faced by previsously disadvantaged commuties. Communities that have little or no training in digital platforms and technology. Companies like Swaka Ntsemi (Pty) working with various stakeholders such as government need to create training platforms that will see a smooth transition into the future. Change is inevitable, what is important is identifying the opportunties that lie within it. 

Meet the Founder

Swaka Ntsemi (Pty) Ltd is a group of companies with interests in digital marketing and online education. Our mission is to play a guiding role in bringing previously disadvantaged individuals to the 4th Indistrial Revolution.

My name is Lunghile Ntsemi Ndleve, pictured with me here is my 5 year old daughter, who plays a fundamental role in my passion for small business and entrpeneurship. I hold a B-tech in Chemical Engineering which I obtained from the University of Johannesburg. I have 5 years experience which I worked as a process engineer in a design firm. After resigning I joined the family business, Bombas Glass & Aluminium, from which I proceeded to create Swaka Ntsemi (Pty) Ltd. My journey has been very interesting and filled with good and bad times. What is most important is I formulated 2 guiding principles which form the core reasons why I am still in business today.

1. Being self employed affords me an increased degree of flexibility to dedicate more time to family, or at the very least be close to family. I particualrly focus on business activties that allow me to work from anywhere, for this particular reason.

2. My sucess in business will allow me not only to provide the finer things in life for my family, but to have even more power to effect meaningful change in society. 

Swaka Ntsemi is a piece of me which I wish to share with the world.